5 tips to get your wood burner ready for Winter

As the evenings are getting cooler and the days shorter, now is the time to dust off your wood burning stove and get it ready for the long winter ahead.  It is likely that you haven’t used your log burner all summer so here we have five things you need to do to get your stove ready.

1. Cleaning
– Get your chimney swept before the start of each season.
– Empty the ashpan of ash and un-burnt wood from inside the stove.
– Use a glass cleaner for the glass doors or just damp newspaper dipped in ash and it will do the job. Once the glass is clean simply wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any ash.
– Make sure the seal on the door of the wood burner is clean and free of any ash using a soft brush.

2. Check the rope seal
This is a good opportunity to check that your stove rope is in good condition. This is vitally important, both for safety and efficiency as it creates a smoke seal around the door, ensuring that harmful carbon monoxide and smoke goes up the flue, and not into your room.

The rope seal also ensures that the air feeds the fire through the air vents and not from the join between the door and the main body of the stove, therefore making your stove more efficient.

3. Stock up on logs
Fill your log basket with wood and order more logs to keep you going for a few months. We are entering the most uncertain winter for 50 years so it is well worth getting the log store in order. Invest in kiln dried logs, kindling and firelighters, it might be the best money you have ever spent.

4. Make sure it is EcoDesign 2022 compliant
EcoDesign 2022 is a government backed and European-wide programme designed to lower emissions and improve the UK’s air quality. The EcoDesign regulations will set new efficiency requirements for all stoves meaning you will save money on fuel and help to improve air quality at the same time. If you are not sure if your stove is compliant then just give us a call at The Fire Engine on 01237 420904 and we can let you know.

5. Lighting your wood burning stove
When your wood burning stove is clean and your log store full, you can settle down and enjoy the heat. Finally, check and test your carbon monoxide monitor and if you don’t have one you can pick one up from our showroom in Bideford.